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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mechanical means of Tea Harvesting

Plucking is the most labour intensive operation in a tea plantation when it is done manually. Bud with with immature one or two leaves is the best time of plucking or picking of tea leaves. Mechanical ways of harvesting now popularizing in asian countries with the scarcity of labour for field operations. Countries near to the equator, enjoy sunshine and rainfall in higher intensities, all over the year. With this climatic conditions, mechanical ways of harvesting of tea shoots, makes bushes debilitated and reduction in yield by around 20-30%. Therefore, mechanical harvesting is recommended only in rush crop seasons.

Small hand-held tea shoot picker (battery powered, one man operation, light weight)

Gasoline powered, large-scale shoot picker

Shear harvesting of tea shoots

Tractor type riding harvester

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