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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Manage weeds by Agronomic Practices

In a tea land, weeds become a problem only if the land is not fully covered by tea bushes. Therefore, the best way to control weeds in a mature tea field is keeping the land free of vacancies.

If this is a new clearing, thatching is a good practice, not olny to control erosion and/or as a organic matter source, to control weeds. Controlling weeds in a young tea land also helps tea plants withstand drought conditions.

Manual weeding is recommended in tea plantations, where, scraping is highly demortivated since this increases the soil erosion.

Not all the naturally grown plants are considered as problamatic weeds. Soft weeds such as Centella spp., etc. can be remained in the tea field since they do not compete with the tea bushes for water, nutrient, etc.

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