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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Field establishment of young tea

Tea is well grown in Reddish Brown soils in 4.5-5.5 pH range. Depth of the soil layer 1m is optimum where less than 60 cm is considered unsuitable for tea cultivation. Tea is cultivated alone the contour lines where the slope of the land is not exceeding 70% (45 degrees = 100%). The spacing between two rows is 1.2 m & within row is 0.6 m.

Planting holes are digged to a depth of 18" and diameter is 12". Fill the planting holes 3/4 way with top soil, removed with gravel & leave about 1 week to settle before planting the young plant. This prevents the collor region of the stem covered with soil, when it settles, and possible fungal infections.

Remove the polythene bag from the young plant and plant it in the partially filled planting hole. Fill the rest of the gap with soil. Supply some backing with 2 sticks to prevent movement with wind, and a mulch to prevent siol erotion. (keep mulch 4"-6" away from stem to avoid fungal infections and scratches to the bark)

(this article is made very brief, if someone is interested pls leave a comment/question in the archive to get further help)

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